Pest Library

roach exterminators

American Cockroach – Cockroaches like dark moist areas. They are reddish-brown in color and are typically found in pantries, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and storage rooms.

German cockroach exterminator

German Cockroach – These are the most common cockroaches you may come across. They are brown or tan and are commonly found in homes, apartment complexes, and food stores.

Oriental Cockroach Exterminator

Oriental Cockroach – These dark brown cockroaches like the dark areas typically found in your kitchen, laundry rooms, basements, or food storage areas. They can be found inside and out. You can typically identify them by their long antennas.

black carpet beetle exterminator

Black Carpet Beetle – These little pests like feeding on leather. wool, silk, feathers, lair, and lint. they can be found anywhere within your home.

bed bug exterminator

Bed Bug – Bed Bugs can become a nuisance fast. These brown insects are flat-looking and oval. They typically hide in crevices and furniture. They are mostly known for the infestation in mattresses.

boxelder bug exterminator

Boxelder Bug – Black and reddish in color and typically long and narrow. This invasive species likes to hide under siding or in dark areas. They mainly come out with warmth. They are typically found near plantings of Boxelder, or ash and maple trees.

Lice Exterminator

Human Louse (lice) – We have all heard of head lice. It’s these little guys. They are blood-sucking and can commonly be found on human skin. They are typically passed by sharing hairbrushes, combs, hats, and clothes.

tick exterminator

Tick – Ticks typically attack outdoor animals including your pets who may bring them into your home. You can also pick these up in forests, meadows, or open fields. It is important to regularly check your pets, and yourself after visiting the areas mentioned above. Ticks can transmit some serious diseases including Lyme disease.

flea exterminator

Flea – Fleas are most common on cats and dogs. However, they can sometimes be found on humans and other animals. You can typically find them in your pet, carpeting, pet beds, and lawns.

mosquito Control

Mosquito – I think it is safe to say we all hate the pesky Mosquito. They can be found inside and out and often bread in areas where there is standing water. When a mosquito bites you, your blood is what allows them to lay their eggs and cause infestations (swarms).

fly exterminator

House Fly – Sometimes a fly swatter is not enough. The common housefly can be found inside and outside. Their Larvae, also known as maggots, feed on your decaying trash.

spotted lantern fly exterminator

Spotted Lanternfly – These pests feast on ornamental trees and plants. They are reddish in color with spotted backs. these are invasive species and should be exterminated.

wasp exterminator

Wasp – You will typically see wasps nesting under your soffits or eaves on your home. You can typically see their nest forming in these areas. They may be a variety of dark colors.

ladybug exterminator

Ladybugs – Ladybugs like the warmer temperatures. They will often come out in the Spring. They are reddish in color and may have spots on them. They are typically harmless.

earwig exterminator

Earwig – Considered a nuisance pest, these long thin dark brown pests like to hide in crevasses

centipede exterminator

Centipedes – Long, thin, and flat with lots of legs. These nuisance pests are harmless and typically will hide in dark areas.

silverfish exterminator

Silverfish – Silver or grey in color. they like to feed on stuff containing starch like paper, bedding, and starchy food items.

stink bug exterminator

Stink Bugs – Named for the defensive smell they produce; these annoying bugs are harmless but difficult to catch. You may often see them flying around.

carpenter ant exterminator

Carpenter Ants – As the name suggests, the carpenter ant goes after wood. They especially go after damp or rotting wood. They are large and dark-colored.

carpenter Bee Exterminator

Carpenter Bees – Carpenter bees are like bumblebees in appearance but have shiny, black, hairless abdomens. They like to nest in wood structures. Male carpenter bees do not have a stinger, females do, but do not sting unless provoked.

termite exterminator

Termites – Termites invade structural wood to create colonies. Termites tend to be thicker in appearance from front to back.