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Rodents like rats and mice can spread disease inside your home. They contaminate food, burrow in walls, and can destroy furniture. They also pose a risk to electrical wiring which can cause fires. It is important to get a professional rodent control service to ensure a small problem does not turn into a big one.

Rats and mice breed exponentially. In just one year, they can produce between 5 and 6 litters. This is how a small problem turns into a big one. It is imperative that you contact JDA Pest Control immediately after identifying a potential rodent problem. We pride ourselves on using the latest and most effective ways of removing rodents from your home.

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Why do you want to exterminate Rodents?

One of the biggest reasons rodents are so destructive is their ability to chew. Rodents such as mice, rats, Chipmunks, and squirrels rely on their front teeth to feed. These teeth are constantly growing and need to be tamed. This is why rodents are constantly chewing, to help tame their teeth so they do not get too big. The problem with that for you as a homeowner is they use your home to accomplish this task. Chewing on your walls and furniture is not only destructive but may also be dangerous. As we previously mentioned, rodents like to chew on wires. This poses a major risk of an electrical fire, especially in your walls where you may not be able to see the potential warnings.

The other major risk from rodents is your health. Rodents like rats and mice carry disease and can spread this through their urine and feces. Even if you do not physically see the mice or rats, they may have already contaminated your living areas in the dark. Here are just a few of the potential diseases these rodents can carry from the CDC. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and Salmonella. In addition, rats and mice can carry fleas and ticks which may lead to a whole other possible harmful circumstance. Lastly, many of these issues can lead to long-term effects, Allergies, and even Asthma attacks.

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Some preventative measures you can take to prevent Rodent Infestation

We highly recommend if you think you have a rodent problem, call JDA Pest Control ASAP. There are many products you can find in local stores, but trust us, this is a problem you want to leave to the professionals.

Here are a few measures you can take to try and prevent rodents from infiltrating your home.

  • Always keep a neat and tidy home. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning can help reduce the risk of rodents finding a food source.
  • Make sure you use sealed containers for food and trash.
  • Fill, seal, or repair any holes in your walls, doors, windows, or cabinets.
  • Also, check outside your home for areas where rodents can enter. Even small holes can pose a potential risk.

Here are some warning signs that you may have a rodent problem

  • Actually, seeing them. They mostly come out at night.
  • Listen! Sometimes you can hear them scratching in the walls or ceiling.
  • Look for droppings. They are typically black and oblong-shaped.
  • Detecting a urine odor in cabinets or walls.
  • Detecting areas they may be nesting in. They typically gather material from your home such as insulation, shredded paper or drywall, or other household items.

How we treat your rodent problem

We will first identify the type of rodent problem you may have. We will perform a search of common areas where these types of rodents may nest or infiltrate. Once we have identified the treat and trouble areas, we will create a custom treatment plan to exterminate your rodents. We may recommend one of our Quarterly maintenance programs to prevent future infestation.

Are you ready to get rid of your rodent problem? Call today to schedule rat or mouse pest control services. (267) 429-5953

jda pest control doylestown pa